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  • 01 – 340m, PAR 4: dog-leg to the right, made interesting at the start by a long fairway protected to the right by a lateral water hazard and to the left by two bunkers.
  • 02 – 175m, PAR 3: running beside the whole length of the fairway is a lake that acts as a lateral hazard. The enormous green is located next to the pine wood, which surrounds it in a semicircle.
  • 03 – 425m, PAR 5: characterized by a tee located in the pine wood and a fairway across a level area flanked on both sides by a very undulating rough. The green is positioned higher then the fairway and is defended by an enormous Mediterranean maquis bush.
  • 04 – 405m, PAR 4: a path leads to the raised tee of this hole, which has two water hazards, one lateral and one frontal, two bunkers and a very wide and undulating green that make it the hcp 1 hole on the course.
  • 05 – 335m, PAR 4:  the fairway, protected to the left by a lake, has a sudden turn to the right into the pine wood, standing open in the which are the green with a slight incline and the depressions of the grass bunkers.
  • 06 – 137m, PAR 3: this is a hole with a particular characteristic: it is located entirely inside the pine wood, respecting nature.
  • 07 – 380m, PAR 4: the tee-shot requires players to hit over a part of pine wood and a frontal water hazard. Whole length of the fairway has a water hazard that ends on the green entrance.
  • 08 – 157m, PAR 3; 09 – 482m, PAR 5: from this point the course stretches out across a completely different landscape: hole 8 – entirely protected by bunkers – and hole 9are almost in line, one after the other. They are flanked on the left by the pine wood, on the right there is a vast zone that is reminiscent of the famous Scottish links. The backdrop is the sea, with the beautiful islands of Ischia and Procida and the imposing silhouette of Vesuvius.
  • 10 – 351m, PAR 4: the hole runs alongside the port. On the right side, sand dunes surround the fairway up to the green, by the cliff.
  • 11- 169m, PAR 3: a green a few metres from the sea. The fairway is almost non-existent; all the rest is sand.
  • 12 – 466m, PAR 5: the tee is located on the cliff by the port, and the almost 500 metres of this par 5 run beside the sea, with the beach to the left, while to the right is a succession of large sand dunes. In the whole of continental Europe it is perhaps the hole that runs closest to the sea and for the longest distance.
  • 13 - 157m, PAR3: it runs beside the sea with a tee shifted inland and a shooting line aims diagonally towards the water. The green is structured in parts and slopes inland , almost grazing a small lake.  
  • 14 – 398m, PAR 4: this has a scenic fairway protected by natural sandy dunes on both sides.
  • 15 – 528m, PAR 5: it runs parallel to the pine wood, and it’s surrounded by sand dunes. The green is defended strategically by two lakes, and can be reached in two shots, but with the last 200 metres across water.
  • 16 – 327m, PAR 4: the hole runs right towards the sea, with large sand dunes surrounding the fairway for both the first and the second shot. The green, protected on the second shot by a lake, is no more than 50 metres from the water.
  • 17 – 185m, PAR 3: the sea is on the right side. The fairway is nearly non-existent. Only a few metres in front of the large green that connects with that of hole 12.
  • 18 – 472m, PAR 5: the course concludes with a dog-leg on the left, where large areas of sand replace the rough. The green is raised with respect to the fairway, surrounded by large sandy depressions.